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Your one-stop shop for all things related to company operations.

We simplify your operations to help you scale up efficiently.
Welcome to COOCENTRE

It’s exciting to think about growing your business, but we understand just how fast operations can get out of control. In today’s rapidly changing world, your business may need to adapt and hit every curve ball that comes your way.  But documents alone won’t help your business fulfill its potential.

To get back to focusing on how you grow your business, you need a partner that is your on-call expert and ace up your sleeve. We’re a one-stop shop for your business’s next steps. Together, we’ll make your operations a cake walk.

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What Services COO Centre Achieves

Upgrade Your Support Team

COO Centre provides customized coaching sessions to your support team including office managers, executive assistants to be more efficient and effective so their values will be aligned with yours in the long run

Upgrade Your Support Team

COO Centre evaluates workplace solutions, analyzes office location options based on yours and your business’ requirements, includes financial scenario analysis to help you with your decision making

Your Customized Financial Dashboard

Monthly financial dashboard at your fingertips so you know how your business is doing.  Detail analysis on major cost and revenue drivers so you could direct your resources more optimally

Focus on your strengths while we:

Transform and Innovate Your Support Team

We work with your existing team to shake things up and come up with new, effective ways to work better together. We also build and develop flexible operations team for new businesses.

Provide You with Efficient Solutions

We stress-test processes, eliminate bottlenecks and find creative ways to deliver results in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment – all with Your business’ bottom line in mind.

Manage Your Next Project

Your dedicated project manager who provides you with regular, high level summary updates, what you need to know and when a decision needs to be made. We present bespoke solutions and plan B for any unforeseen situation.

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