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                        Common Questions

"How does COO Centre set itself apart from other Consulting services?"

What you get are holistic and customized solutions specially-designed for SME Owners and their problems. No cookie-cutter solutions, No big words, No complicated terms. Just lots of carefully-designed recommendations.

So rather than liaising with multiple departments or project leaders on your projects, your requirements and needs will be taken care of as a one-stop shop unit.

"I already have an office manager who takes care of simple office admin chores for me. Why would I need the COO Centre?"

You are getting a flexible COO level service here without any long term commitment. Once the projects and framework for your internal administrative and operation functions have been set-up for you, they can be transferred to your internal staff for them to assume over time.

"I go to client meetings all the time and don’t really have time to sit down and walk through my business with someone from the outside"

The first consultation meeting is free. Give us an hour. Your business needs and goals are important to us. We would like to understand them so we could recommend next steps.

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